Saturday, July 18, 2009

Dear world

I apologize for not telling you sooner that care packages really should stay as far away as possible from the national postal service here. I didn't know.

Instead of spending a long paragraph complaining about Emirates Post, though, I'll put it in terms everyone can understand: too much bureaucracy. (OK, I can't resist. First I was told I would have to pay Dh5,000 in customs. I pointed out that it was a gift--no customs due. Then I was told "maybe Dh200." Then they saw the fury in my eyes and let it go.)

But! There was much care in these care packages. Before:

Lovingly hand-inspected by the UAE's finest.

And after:

Box of Immorality includes Beer Magazine, Esquire, bartending gear, some random thriller novel, great movies and shoes.

This is most excellent. I have stuff for making drinks, stuff to entertain myself with while drinking drinks, and clothes to wear while entertaining myself and drinking.

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Dave said...

Again, given some of the stern e-mails we have received regarding alcohol, I would hold back of commenting on "bartending" gear.

You know, just in case you get into a car accident and the locals here crawl your site and deduce that you're an alcoholic as enough evidence to throw you in prison for a while.