Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A story of snow and a yard sale in two parts

Two parts, mostly, because blogger.com was throwing me some annoying error message in Arabic at home when I tried to upload the whole thing.

The summary is that this is a complete run down the "mountain" of Ski Dubai. We took the long way--i.e. the easier route--to try to stretch the run out. The expert route is narrower, steeper and faster, but not particularly challenging.

Things to watch for in Part One:

-Nick's wife, Fiona, lying on the ground on the little plateau by the hot chocolate chalet
-The Girl Who Couldn't Turn, as we called her, flying by Nick and wiping out spectacularly
-Nick unable to keep from chuckling.

Things to watch for in Part Two:

-The author throwing his hands up as he goes over a lip, trying (and failing) to get airborne
-That's pretty much it

As a bonus, I tracked down a video on YouTube of the water show we witnessed at the foot of the Burj Dubai. I'm not really a fan of Andrea Bocelli or massive wastes of fresh water in a desert, but it's impressive anyway.

About an hour before running into some harried and sweaty reality show participants.

When I'm feeling ambitious, or at least back around my laptop, I'll post some more of the photos from Dubai. It's an interesting place--far more interesting than I was giving it credit for. And unlike Abu Dhabi, which basically exploded from a temporary fishing village into a forest of concrete mid-rises overnight, Dubai has tangible heritage in the form of centuries-old buildings.

What does all of that mean? I haven't quite sorted it out. But you can definitely ski in Dubai.

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