Friday, July 31, 2009

I came to the right place

Remember how I love me some aerospace?

Well, looky here. Abu Dhabi just took some of the pile of cash it has and spent it on investing in a spaceport for Virgin Galactic. That's right. I might soon be able to actually fulfill my lifelong ambition of shooting myself out of Earth's gravity well.

Tourists could soon be travelling into space from Abu Dhabi after the Virgin Group and Aabar signed a deal yesterday that gives the capital exclusive regional rights to host flights.
Aabar Investments, owned by the Abu Dhabi Government, will pay US$280 million (Dh1.03 billion) for a 32 per cent stake in the world’s first commercial spaceline, Virgin Galactic, which values the company at $900m. The deal is still subject to regulatory clearances.

Aabar has also committed $100m to fund a launch station for satellites.

Khadem al Qubaisi, the chairman of Aabar, said: “The partnership not only falls in line with Abu Dhabi’s larger plans [for] technology research and science at a grassroots level, but also complements its aim to be the international tourism capital of the region.”

No, Khadem--it's so much more than that. It complements MY aim of being the first journalist in space. Thanks, guys.

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Lorraine Harden-O'Brien said...

WOW! Don't hold your breath though, this might be something for your children to accomplish for you.