Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nothing interesting has happened to me in a few days

This is because I do not have swine flu. But I do have something else nasty. How nasty? The more-or-less 100-degree air on the way home from work last night felt cool and refreshing.

Anyway, the point is, I have been up to nothing at all. Except sleeping. My roommate, on the other hand, relayed this story to me after I woke up this afternoon (not a typo) and found two huge boxes of fried chicken in the fridge:

He fancied some fried chicken to nosh on after a night celebrating one of our co-workers' birthdays. So he stopped at Texas Fried Chicken--known in the U.S. as Church's--on the way home. The problem, however, was that after procuring the aforementioned fried chicken, he no longer had enough to pay the taxi driver. Specifically, he was Dh4 short... a little more than $1.

The solution is obvious. The driver got the fare, less Dh4, and my roommate made up the difference by giving him a liter of Coke, a bag of potato wedges, a container of cole slaw and (I think) some mashed potatoes.

File under "things that would get your ass kicked in New York." Or a thing that makes you smile in Abu Dhabi.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like the best cab fare ever.