Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"After tomorrow," redux

So the guy sitting next to me, we'll call him "Karl," just received a surprise package in the mail today. From his bank. It was a checkbook (or "chequebooque," as the British call them) that had been promised to him a while back. How far back? He was told "after tomorrow" approximately 75 after tomorrows ago.

Meanwhile, despite being an officially recognized worker here, with papers and clear chest X-rays and everything, I still don't have online access to my bank account. Which makes details like "paying bills" and "knowing how much money I have" a bit of a hassle.

Too many air quotes in this post.

On the plus side, I pays my money and I goes to the gym today, got a good workout, did some math in my head by converting kilogram dumbbells to pounds and crashed the pool. Findings from this pool visit: 20 minutes in the sun=no sunburn, and poolside tiles will melt the soles of your feet if you stand still. The water was perfect, though.

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