Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Call to prayer redux

Two things are apparent:

1) The audio download I included here isn't that high-quality.

2) It isn't the Maghrib. I think it's the Ishaa. Someone who knows what they're talking about, feel free to correct me. But after browsing through YouTube, I realized that it doesn't sound anything like the Maghrib calls to prayer recorded there.

The Saudis have high production values.

The above is the Maghrib as sung in Saudi Arabia. Maybe it's different here. I clearly have a long way to go as far as understanding the culture I am immersed in.


Masood Sharif said...

There is no difference between the calls for prayers except for the morning (fajr) one which has an extra phrase which says "Prayer is better than sleep". Just thought I would let you know.
Nice blog by the way!

Gerry said...

thanks, masood--I appreciate the clarification. I have a hard time making out the words at all, but the music definitely is different from salat to salat, at least at the mosque next to the newsroom.