Sunday, June 7, 2009

X-treme shopping!

Another day, another errand. I scored a bedside table and lamp today--as well as a many-times-over memoir called "Rags to Riches--A History of Abu Dhabi"--and spent a good amount of time wandering the grocery store.*

I have already been smacked down for taking pictures in the grocery store, and yeah, I know, there is only so much entertainment value in funny signs, but come on. Where I come from, this label would belong on a bottle of Mountain Dew:

In my culture, "z" signifies badassery and snowboarding exploits.

I walked away from the store with a decidedly non-EXTREME! haul of food, a tape measure and two outlet adapters. And there are more and better photos to come. But cut me some slack--I fought the Ikea fastener collection today and emerged victorious. Tonight I celebrate. Tomorrow I post.

*I made a Thai soup called tom kha. It was delicious, despite a lack of straw mushrooms.

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Karl Smith said...

They have the zed (none of your zee nonsense here, thank you) in the UK, too. It's a branding thing, to go with the long-running slogan, 'Beanz Meanz Heinz'.