Thursday, June 18, 2009

Candlestick maker optional

Following through on my threats to make pulled beef sandwiches, I set out to buy a casserole dish (for braising) and some beef (also for braising).

Casserole dish was a success. The local grocery store, the big one, not only sells all the foodstuffs a guy might want within a two-block radius of his home, but a whole galaxy of random other stuff. Rope. Flatware. Watches. T-shirts.

So that was fun. Then I headed to the butcher.

Look at the happy animals.

It was packed. There were people waiting for meat, butchers chopping the meat people were waiting for, and me, looking through the window for an easily identifiable brisket. Sadly, I was running low on time, so I sighed the deep sigh of a barbecue-deprived Kansas Citian and headed back to the grocery store... where I procured two pounds of frozen buffalo meat.

Worry not: the preparation of pulled buffalo sandwiches will be well-documented.

And finally, just so the post title makes sense, between my front door and the office is the bakery:

So modern it's hidden behind a wall of cars.

The great thing about all this, besides the imminent buffalo barbecue debacle, is that it establishes firmly that I live in a walkable neighborhood. Meat, bread, T-shirts: it's all there. Except, evidently, candles.

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