Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tastes like desperation

Came home from work and watched a bit of TV with the Roommate of the Blog. He had found some show on the Discovery Channel about disgusting foods.

One of the chefs on the program was making the point over and over that these "disgusting" foods were actually great sources of nutrients, etc., and that it was only our squeamishness that kept us from eating them.

And it struck me that, no, it's not squeamishness. It's that other stuff tastes better. I don't care how much protein there is in a Madagascar hissing cockroach, it's always going to taste like a freaking cockroach. Steak, on the other hand, tastes like steak. Game over, as far as I'm concerned. There is novelty in exotic foods, and some of them are delicious, but just because something is edible does not make it a good idea to go ahead and, like, eat it.

Having said that, I kind of want to try camel.

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