Monday, June 1, 2009

The meaning of "fit" and other observations

In British English, apparently, "fit" doesn't mean "athletic" or "in good cardiovascular health." It's more like hot. As in, "damn--the Bulls' cheerleaders are quite fit." Which, as an example, is pretty awful because it works both ways. But you know what I mean. Additionally, sometimes if someone says it with a Scottish accent, it sounds like "fat," which could potentially lead to hysterical misunderstandings.

The other thing I observed is that despite living in a desert, maintenance types are in no hurry to restore someone's water service if it is interrupted. Happily, the H2O began flowing again roughly 18 hours after it stopped, and everyone got to shower, the end.

Lots of pictures from my Abu Dhabi wanderings yesterday. They'll be coming after I get situated with Internet in the new apartment.

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