Monday, June 22, 2009

The stove, I have used it

I believe I already relayed the sordid tale of how I bought buffalo. Now, the postscript: How I also cooked the buffalo, and some onions and garlic, and later bought rolls.

I don't have any pictures of the buffalo actually braising. Which is fine, because as it turns out, frozen Indian buffalo is not that high quality. Some of it wasn't pullable, which, after braising for three hours, is saying somethin'.

So. After pulling the good bits and chopping some onions and garlic, this was the scene in the kitchen of Apartment 101 in the Budget Building:

Ready for liftoff.

Then I sauteed a little garlic in a lot of butter, then added the onions until they were sweating, and then added the meat, plus some barbecue sauce. And not just any sauce: about half of it was Jack Stack.

The sauce was a long way from home.

Oh, it simmered and it steamed and it smelled awesome. And after an hour of that....

Sweet--and spicy--victory.

I went down to the bakery and bought eight fresh baked rolls (Dh4!) and the Roommate of the Blog procured some Arabian pickles, and it was game time. (Literally. Rugby, Italy vs. Australia.)

Overall, it turned out much, much better than I thought it would after a first viewing of the meat. Lean, tender, saucy--everything you want in a pulled meat sandwich. A success for both the cook and the cooker.

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