Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Aussie might be onto something

My roommate has been promising (threatening?) to make me an "Aussie Burger" for a while now. It sounds like the kind of thing you would find on a menu at Chili's, perhaps with a side of chicken fingers or an onion blossom.

And yet. In dire need of grease on Friday, the Aussie--we'll call him "John"--went ahead and whipped a couple up. Cardiologists, please avert your eyes.

Grease topped with grease, and a side order of grease (and beet juice).

Like love and baseball, the Aussie Burger is a many-splendored thing. Unfortunately, one of the main splendors, bacon, was not readily available. But it turned out great anyway. The remaining ingredients:

-Toasted bun
-Chopped lettuce
-Chopped onions
-Barbecue sauce
-Sliced tomatoes
-A fried egg

Guess which one of those items I was most surprised to see piled onto an already overloaded burger? But the beets tasted great, kind of playing sweetly off the tartness of the onions. It's basically like putting a salad on a hamburger. And that's what personal trainers call "rationalization."

Anyway, delicious, if not nutritious, and the perfect way to start an afternoon. It shows a beautiful symmetry in the expat experience: The Scots invented the hangover; the Australians invented the cure.

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Anonymous said...

I have eaten this same burger, though I was told it was a Kiwi Burger, don't worry about the lack of bacon it would not have been the American bacon you are used to, it would have been british bacon. Kipp