Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prepare to mock

At E3 today (yesterday?) two things were announced that make me more excited than I, as a 32-year-old, should be.

First, a new Halo game called Halo: Reach. Following the trend of pretty much every major Hollywood franchise these days, the game is evidently a prequel to the massively popular (and well-written, in my opinion) Halo games. So that's cool. And second, there was a trailer for Mass Effect 2, a sequel to, you guessed it, Mass Effect, the beautifully written science fiction epic. That game was great because it essentially played out like an interactive movie; unlike most video games, the story arcs were clever enough to get the player invested in the fates of the characters. And the dazzling art and art direction helped too.

Anyway, there you go. Fire away.

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