Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Don't take my red stapler

Greetings from Siberia. I have been exiled to the far reaches of the newsroom here at The National because... well, no one is really sure. But! I can tell you for sure that I am not in Siberia. My desk, in reality, was simply moved about 20 feet to the east.

The view:

What you can't see is that my back is to a bookcase.

All this happened overnight, and who knows how it will affect my life in the long run. Right now it seems like a wash: farther from some of the people I need to interact with nightly, but closer to the vending machines.

Now that my desk is firmly established, though, I need some decorations to make it feel, you know, lived-in. Plants? Pictures? Flags? I'm open to suggestions.

1 comment:

Lorraine Harden-O'Brien said...

Maybe a couple of casual copies of your book lying around....