Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Saturday night

So I think it's a perfectly appropriate time to share a video clip from what is quickly becoming one of my favorite bars in Abu Dhabi.

A quick guide to what you just saw: a Bulgarian cover band playing (I think) Olivia Newton John. Foreground: a bunch of people dancing, including some of my co-workers. The bar is great because of all of the stuff it pulls together. Iniquity, bizarre music, people of all nationalities and lots of cigarette smoke. It's like a modern-day pirate cove, but with fewer eye patches.

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Ryan R said...

Need Clarification: Is that a DJ playing a record of a Bulgarian cover band playing Olivia Newton John? Are there records stores in Abu Dhabi? With a lot of covers of American Pop songs? Can you buy some for me? And ship them to me? I will re-imburse.